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What Nova Scotia Genealogy Virtual Conference Is All About

Genealogy has never been more popular and it continues to grow with every passing year.  Nova Scotia is a rich playground for genealogists as many people left the shores of this place for greener pastures all over the world - the Nova Scotia diaspora is large.

The main purpose of this virtual genealogy conference is to connect speakers and researchers from Nova Scotia to researchers and genealogists all around the world. 

This event is being presented by the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia. This conference is an extension of their monthly lecture series and is aimed at reaching out to as many Nova Scotia genealogical researchers as possible. 

Join us and learn about a wide range of topics from some of the province's leading genealogical experts.

Quick Facts

  • 10 virtual presentations on Nova Scotia Genealogy via Zoom

  • Saturday and Sunday, 9:30AM-5:30PM

  • 40 minute presentations + 15 minute Q&As

  • Sessions recorded and available to registrants for 60 days

  • Lunch Presentation from GANS, GIMS and other NS gen. societies

  • Panel Discussion on the Future of Nova Scotia Genealogy

  • Brick Wall Breaker Session with worked-through examples - register before March 18 to submit your brick wall question!


Conference Schedule

Click here to download the conference schedule.

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