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Brick Wall Buster Session Details

Got a Nova Scotia ancestor you can't quite figure out? Are the walls around a branch of your tree really high? Register for our conference and submit a research problem - you may get a chance to let the experts try and break down your problem!

Conference organizers Neal Cody and Nathaniel Smith, C.G. (C) along with genealogist Ginny Clark, C.G. (C) will undertake the task of trying to solve your problem.

All conference registrants who sign up before March 17, 2024 will be eligible to submit a research question. We will choose 3-4 of the most interesting problems for presentation during the conference and will walk through the steps used in the research process. If your problem is chosen you will be notified in advance of the conference.​

Criteria for Brick Wall Buster Submissions:

  • After registering for the conference, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include a link to submit your Brick Wall problem.

  • The subject ancestor must have lived in Nova Scotia.

  • Submissions will be received up until noon ADT on March 17, 2024.

  • Only one submission is allowed per conference registrant.

  • Please create a narrow, well-formed (and informed) research question - here's a site that can help guide you.

  • If selected, you will be contacted and must provide a summary of all previous research to date (if possible) to help the team understand where you have already looked.

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